Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review and Bento food shopping.

The other day while in Tj Maxx i found a really cool vegetable slicer for $9. Tj Maxx only had bright green but for $9, I'll deal. I figured it would really speed up my bento packing. But they had a huge line and I didn't want to wait so i left. That was a week ago. I still wanted it, so on the way to Costco J and i stopped and picked it up. I sliced cucumber with it last night. I do not like how thin it makes the slices, really thin. If i use the hand guard it won't slice both ways. I DO like how quickly the cucumber was sliced. I cut down the entire cucumber in just a few minutes. It will work great for lunch in a box's cucumber salad. I like the slicer, it will make life easier but its not amazing.

When we went to Costco we looked for more dried ravioli, but they didn't have any. I'm way bummed, next time its in I'm coming home with two bags! Since we were there anyways hubby and i looked for easy bento food. We bought a 5 lb bag of mini carrots for $4.79. Two pounds of mini peppers for $3.99 to make this. I'm not a huge fan of peppers but the cheese stuffed ones look very yummy. We also bought 30 oz hummus for $4.85. Hummus is expensive and my homemade stuff never tastes right. Non-bento items were purchased too but the best deal was 2 pounds of deli provolone for $6.69!

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