Friday, August 21, 2009

Here's the box goodies!

New Bento supplies!!!

I was SO excited to open it i barely let hubs talk when he came home. I even let him use one of his knifes to open it! I was not looking for more bento boxes when I ran across BentoCrazy's site. When I saw the skull and cross bone bento I went running across the house for J. Its HARD to find manly bento boxes. Its only 500ml, won't work for a full meal. However his Hard road bento is 900ml. I could not resist buying the manly boxes, they are so hard to find and normally pretty expensive! I LOVE my cheshire cat bento box, we have 5 cats so its perfect. The 3 tier bento I thought was cute, I love that color blue. I took the opportunity to buy a 'wiener shaper' penguin style!

The seller included a cute gift of a piggie sauce bottle, a pick, small fork and several pieces of food divider. The gift was just as exciting as the boxes!

When J found the seller's name on the box, Bento crazy he laughs and says 'what an appropriate name.' Mhhhm, don't know what you mean dear.

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