Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiffin lunch

Yesterday we used our new tiffin tin. I need to re-measure the ml but each bowl is huge ml wise even if they do not look that large. A man of J's age is recommended 900ml by the japanese goverment. Two of the three bowls packed to the rim is over that, a full tiffiin would be an insane amount of food.
I didn't have any tools to make cute food (I do now, more on that later) for the cheese triangles i made cubes then cut them in half. Below the cheese is cheese stuffed ravioli (buy a huge bag at costco dried, delicious) leftover from the night before's dinner. The upper right hand bowl has grilled balsamic glazed chicken with herbs de Provence seasoning, cheese cubes, and carrot sticks. The upper left bowl holds blueberries, strawberries, last of the mango, and canned peaches I tried to cut into shapes. Almost everything was consumed, but it was slightly too much food.

We took our lunch to a rarely visited park, very relaxing. Before being suddenly bento obsessed yesterday we probably would have bought a restaurant meal. Costing anywhere from $10-$30. Instead we devoured our tasty tiffin in a soothing park. I really enjoy bentos. Now to make today's lunch!

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