Monday, August 3, 2009

Laundry pick-me-up

Our teeny tiny backyard we use for storage, and the solar dryer. The back yard is a very neglected ugly space. That was fine before the solar dryer but now that I go out there everyday the ugliness bothers me. We use the lawn mower handle to hold the clothes pin bag, while quite functional its not at all attractive. Neither is the bucket i place the laundry basket on.
While surfing the web a long time ago i came across a tip from someone (I'm sorry for the life of me I don't know who) to plant lavender under your clothesline. Apparently its supposed to gently scent the clothes. What a neat idea, so neat I remembered even though we did not have a clothes line. Now that we have an umbrella dryer i could not wait to try to out. When hubby installed the dryer he used a LOT of cement to keep the dryer stable. There was not enough room underneath the dryer to plant the lavender without the plant being stepped on. I planted $10 worth of Lavender (gift card from my mom for my birthday) in a rather ugly but quite functional pot, using up the last of our organic soil in the process. $0 out of pocket, for a small pretty I enjoy looking at every time I walk out back.
So far it does not scent the clothes. I gently brush against the plant when I walk outside to release the scent. Soothing aroma therapy in the great outdoors while doing a simple soothing activity such as hanging laundry? Talk about stress relief!

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