Thursday, August 6, 2009

My first official bento equipment came!!!! I ordered it off ebay. I'd already included the box in my bento total, now I have to add $11.99 for the other items and shipping. I like my box its cute. But darker then it looked in the photo. I am however totally amazed by how small it is, like Biggie from lunch in a box said. It looks like a tiny child's lunch box. Today will be my first lunch in it, I'll tell you how it goes tomorrow. My bento is a 3 tier. It came with a fork and bento belt. The characters are small dip containers, as are the eggs. The seller included an extra egg and the food picks at no cost. I am however disappointed with the quality of the eggs, I'm pretty sure they are cheapo Easter eggs. Had I known that I would have skipped them. This weekend should be fun J and I are going to an area with several bento stores. I'm VERY excited and will undoubtedly buy way too much stuff.
New total $66.34. Hmmm maybe I should stop keeping track of this. . . .

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