Monday, August 10, 2009

Daiso buys

Saturday's purchases are the main reason i would like to be done buying bento items for awhile. J and I went into a Dasio store. In Daiso almost everything is $1.50. Two of the items purchased were $3 but everything else was $1.50. I had hopped for a bigger selection of bento supplies but they did have a bunch of things I wanted. The only things we could not find were silicone dividers and folding chop sticks.

The blue bento box on the left was $3, and the pink one beside it was $3. The blue box is a 3 tier, with chopsticks in the first tier. It needs a belt to keep it closed. The pink box is also a 3 tier but it snaps closed. The pink box in front of that is a 3 tier, and it needs a belt as well. The small green box, and the blue oval box (my favorite, its in french!) both snap snugly shut. Next to the green box is 2 boiled egg molds, they came in a pack. I was hoping for the set with a car mold but was quite pleased to find any! In front of those is the pink star rice mold, and the blue heart rice mold. In front of those is a very cute set of picks with an animal theme. To the right is a chopstick holder that matches my first bento box. Next to that is a set of 6 plastic food cups, one is hiding. Below there is a bunch of sauce containers. My dad liked them for backpacking and I was happy to share with him. One package is way more then we need!

Dasio is a fun store, I really enjoyed my time there. Defiantly a regular stop when we are in the area from now on. I think the total was around $23. (I tried to remember to put the receipt aside so i could be exact but those things melt into nothing around here!) I spent my personal money because I feel guilty about how much I've spent on bento items. The blog is keeping me accountable! But since it was for bento items I'm including it, bringing the total to $99.14. Amazing! Almost everything I'm pleased with. Only a few things were a let down. The two large animal bowls, the blue cups, and the jelly bean dip containers. About $5 worth of stuff. Our two original 'bento boxes' probably wont be used often, but they still function fine as tupperware. Honestly I'm quite pleased with my purchases, just amazed at how much I've managed to spend.

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