Friday, August 28, 2009

Picnic Bento style

Good food all ready to go!

Today hubby was able to leave work early, after having a long week. We decided to take a picnic, and the corgi to our favorite park. I spent a bit more time making food for this meal then I would at 5 am when I normally make lunch. (I'm a zombie at 5 am) If I wanted these things in our normal lunches they would be made in advance!

J has garlic parmesan pasta salad, carrots, sunflower seeds, hamburger with provolone, cucumber, and grapes. The yellow dip container holds bbq sauce. My bento (in blue) holds 3 pot stickers, pasta salad, carrots, and swiss cheese cut outs. Below I have cucumber, grapes and a few generic nilla wafers. In the green and yellow container we have chocolate covered strawberries, grapes and ranch for the veggies. The chocolate covered strawberries look a little odd because I tried melting chocolate chips at first. They turned into one big glump. Instead of washing out the bowl I just added my melting chips to the bowl. Easier and still yummy.

J was eyeballing the chocolate strawberries when we went to the fair. Five chocolate covered strawberries would have cost us $5! PLEASE! He could not bring himself to buy them. I used the last of our strawberries and melting chips I already had. Far less then $5, and was hubby any less pleased? Nope! I made the pasta salad and the chocolate berries right before we left. J said the salad (butter, cheese, pepper, and garlic) didn't have enough flavor. Mhhm. I'll coat it in garlic next time! :)

Pretty soothing park, crazy corgi and yummy food. That is what I call a good time.

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