Thursday, August 20, 2009

My bento

Yummy convenient meal all ready to go for dinner!

I do not eat many egg dishes. I do not mind eggs in a recipe, or in a scramble. But hard boiled eggs, or egg salad? Nope. Because of that I wasn't going to make my bento when I made J's tiffin. But it seemed silly to be prepping his and not make mine. My sandwich is not pictured. I had wheat bread, hummus, and sliced cucumber. Yummy!

My top tier has sliced cheese, carrots, and thin cucumber. I forgot to add the ranch. Bottom holds kiwi, blackberries, raspberries, and mango.

This bento literally took 6 minutes, and most of that was slicing kiwi and cheese. The mango was already sliced, as was the cucumber. Had i not made a bento of healthy food I probably would have grazed all night long on junk food, or had a meal made entirely of crackers and sliced cheese.

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