Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snack bento

yesterday we swung by the dollar tree looking for cheap bento accessories. I was surprised to find just a few items that may work. We bought an egg cooker for the microwave. That is an odd purchase since we do not own a microwave. But I figured i could try using it as a mold. A tiny plastic bottle that held sour candies that I hope to use as a sauce bottle. The last item is a plastic casserole container I plan to use as a bento box. Its small, cute and does not have a leak proof seal around the lid. It will work great as a snack bento box especially if used at home. If we take it in the car I'll use it for dry snacks and rubber band the top on. Here is the cute little casserole dish we are now calling a bento box lol.

Last night I made hubby and I a snack bento to share. I find the idea to make a homemade uncrustable sandwich from One Buck Lunch who unfortunately is no longer updating. We already had all of the equipment needed at home. J does not eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Ever. Especially on brown bread. But he inhaled two of the homemade uncrustables.

The bento contains 3 uncrustables, 4 slices of dried mango and 2 small fruit cups. This is a rather unusual snack for us, except the mango. That we devour. A typical snack would be a big bowl of buttery popcorn, cheese and crackers, maybe some fresh juice, goldfish cracks, bagel etc. Not fruit! I love bentos!
Dollar store bento purchases $3.20
Brings the total to $33.20

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