Friday, August 7, 2009

Yesterday's lunches

When I made dinner the night before I cooked extra pot stickers for lunch the next day. I enjoyed mine cold, but J wants to be able to reheat his next time. His lunch was pretty large this time.

Left bowl holds pot stickers, broccoli, kiwi, and ranch for the broccoli. Left tin has cherries, and a little cake made from the top of a round cake, filled with frosting. The top tin has half a banana. half a PB &J, cucumber slices, peanuts, and yogurt almonds.

My lunch:
I used the strawberry shortcake box because I wasn't sure the bento would be enough food. I probably would have been fine with just the bento, but wasn't stuffed with the total lunch.

Top box holds pot stickers, kiwi, and a grape to stabilize. Bottom holds banana, grapes, and cucumber with ranch to dip. Strawberry holds half a PB & J, grapes, and my cake treat.

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