Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Dollar Tree bento supplies

Picked up a few more things from the store yesterday. I was very excited with the sandwich cutter. It works fine but occasionally needs a little extra pressure from the bottom. The character bowls have really flimsy lids, I'm not very pleased with them. The small cups (previous post) were a much better buy. The blue cups came in a 3 pack, not a 4 pack like a thought and are much too large for J's tiffin. I'll have to find something else for them. The green half moon fits PERFECTLY in the tiffin. I'll probably use it as a food divider but I could bake things in there as well. The hot wheels wash cloth was purchased for j to use as a napkin. Our cloth napkins take up too much room. It cracked him up. I'm not counting the blue cups, so the total is about $5.40. (lost the receipt again)

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