Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy and fast lunches.

Yesterday J and I purchased 2 bags of chicken breasts. Each bag holds 4 pounds of chicken and was on sale for $1.69 a pound. The most I pay for chicken breasts is $1.99 lb, $1.69 lb is an awesome price and I wish our freezers weren't so full. One bag of chicken was stuffed into the already jammed chest freezer. The second was split into 3 portions and is soaking in 3 different marinades. One is Herbs de Provence with balsamic vinegar, our favorite. The second was supposed to be lemon chicken but we forgot to buy lemon. I squeezed a fresh orange instead. For the third flavor J wanted something with honey. I took our very delicious blackberry honey, mustard, and mustard seed and made it into an emulsion. Hopefully it tastes as good on chicken as it did in the taste test. While we were in Safeway we purchased a thick steak from the reduced section. It went into a marinade as well, sprinkled with Safeway roast seasoning. Yum!

Today J will grill all the chicken, and the steak for our dinner. Some of the cooked chicken will go into the freezer but the rest will be used for lunches all week. Having cooked chicken makes packing lunches very fast and easy. I can pack it as is or put the pieces in wraps and salads. Not to mention $1.69 lb is far cheaper then the $7-$8 we pay for honey turkey from the deli! Half an hour of preparing marinades and meat yesterday will yield today's dinner and more then a week's work of lunches.

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