Sunday, August 23, 2009

My bento starter kits

My starter kits!
I've looked at a lot of online bento stores. They have a lot of cute boxes, cute accessories, but few kits. I figured I might try selling a 'ready to bento' kit that would allow people to start with the most basic stuff right off the bat! I've posted them on the local craigslist to see if there is any local interest. There might also be a few people at J's work who would like one. If they don't sell locally, I'll use E-bay but they will have to be more expensive because of all the fees. It would be SO awesome if there was a local market! How fun it would be to have one of my hobbies earn a small profit. I had a blast picking out the items and matching accessories to boxes.
Deli Style set priced it at $15. I have the 3 tier box myself.

Race car set also priced at $15, I love that the 3 tier stacks compactly for storage.

Lovely set priced at $20. We have the 3 tier box. J uses it and he loves the tight lids.

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