Monday, August 31, 2009

Background story: fast food addiction

When J and I first started dating we would eat every single meal at a restaurant. EVERY SINGLE MEAL. We both gained a ton of weight. Eventually we slowed down, and after awhile when money was tight stopped eating out. A few years ago money quit being so tight and we started eating out more, but at fast food restaurants. There is a lot of reasons why, some are even valid. But we kept getting bigger. (mine is partially due to medical problems, I can't blame bad eating habits for everything) When we started using the envelope budgeting system we tried to cut it down by budgeting $20 for fast food. Even so we probably ate fast food 3-4 times a week. The funny thing is I try and cook healthy at home and am always trying new foods and healthy ways to cook. But in the car? Calories on wheels! It was ridiculous and i couldn't seem to stop it. Ever since I started using bento boxes I have a solution. Bento is a fun way to pack food, and its working for us.

A few weeks ago I told my dad we'd only had fast food once the past week, and he looked at me amazed. That is how bad our habit was! We've cut back so much on the greasy burgers going into our mouth it is wonderful! However we slipped. Sunday's schedule was all funky from J's shift and we found ourselves in McDonald's for breakfast/lunch. It made BOTH of our stomachs angry. I think we were just used to what fast food tasted like. Cause its not good folks! Its almost like our bodies have detoxed from all that junk and they couldn't handle it this time.

We will still need on the go meals, but i hope they come from my kitchen not a drive through. As a compromise I've let up on myself when it comes to the meals. Not everything has to come from scratch, its ok to have a few convenience items on hand. Mainly pot stickers, lumpia and the occasional chicken nugget. I hope this continues to work for us. I've always said I don't want my children eating the way we do. Why is it all right for us then?

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