Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tiffin for husband

J has to work a terrible shift today. All night long, on a Saturday! Our schedule is all out of whack. (I try and move my schedule around to be with J, MAN am I tired!) Even though I fed him dinner about 7 pm he wanted a bunch of food to help keep him going. Normally his lunches sit in the car for a few hours before going into the fridge. I use the bento boxes most often because they fit into our insulated bags. But J likes the tiffin, and since his lunch is going right into the fridge it works fine. Plus it holds a ton of food.
Top left bowl carrots, ranch and bbq chicken. Top right peach slices, grapes and apple sauce. Bottom is Yogurt with blackberry sauce and honey, mini babybel cheese, fortune cookie, and sunflower seeds topped with chocolate chips and napkin.
I ran into a problem when I tried to pack it all up. I had put the yogurt in the bottom bowl, and the container was too large to allow everything to pack like its supposed to. I had to re-arrange everything so that the yogurt was on the top tier. The lid is domed just enough to allow everything to close.

I love the little fork and spoon sets we bought from Dasio. Four sets to a pack, and they fit nicely in bentos and tiffins! Cute cute cute!

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