Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bento for one made large enough to share.

The bento from yesterday was a little weird, I was not sure if hubby would be working or not. It had to be packed the night before, and have at least one bowl in the fridge all night. I figured he wouldn't be going to work so I packed bigger portions of food in case we split the lunch but fewer items to compensate in case he did go into work. J's tiffin lunch:

Top in has cold chicken, munster cheese bites, vermont cheddar cheese bites, raw broccoli and ranch dip. I saved the dip from our last bag of fast food. Bottom right tin has crackers, dried mango, yogurt covered almonds, sunflower seeds and cookies. The last tin has his napkin, ginger coffee mix, salt, and a weird knife thing. The top in went into the fridge while the 'dry' foods tin sat on the counter covered by the non-food tin. By the next day the dry items were slightly more most but not enough to prevent me from using that method again. Tiffin large enough to share:

After i found out for sure J would be home today (he injured his foot last week running) I made his one person bento large enough to share. Bento already had plenty of chicken, and cheese. I dislike munster and since the cheddar was mixed in I made my own cup of cheese. I added more cookies and a tin full of fruit. The whole lunch was gobbled down at home.

Be very careful when throwing out wrappers! For some reason my distracted brain threw out the muffin cups. Luckily they were sitting on top and J grabbed them to disinfect. Silicone cups (especially wilton brand) are not cheap!

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