Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Food cutters

The other day hubby and I checked out Joann fabric for potential bento supplies. I'd heard there are some clay punches that might work for cutting little shapes. Ours did not have anything in the clay shelves. However the cake decorating (another hobby of mine) section had 2 packages with potential. One pack held 3 flower shaped cutters made for fondant. I've used the very smallest for banana and cheese, quite useful. I think that set was about $2.50, the receipt is missing. The other package was down a bit farther, its a set of Noah's Ark cookie cutters. Six cutters in the set. Good for cutting small sandwiches, and of course cookies. They may also work for cutting thick deli meat, I'll have to see. That pack was about $3.50. About $6 total. That brings my bento purchase totals to $39.20, but lets say $40 total.

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