Saturday, October 16, 2010

$6 sensory rice toy.

When I knew BentoBaby was going to need at home sensory activities I had to think about how I was going to present them to her. The sensory table was out. And our big ball pit box works great for large, easily cleaned up items. Small items, like rice would be a major pain to clean. I decided to put her smaller items in individual boxes.
Empty herb shaker $0

Measuring toy spoons we already had $0

Snack cup we already had $0

Toy spoon we already had $0

Toy truck we already had $0

Fake spider rings huge pack for $1

Sparkles we already had $0

Rice we already had and we don't like $0 (this is brown rice, with a little dyed green rice mixed in. I like short grain rice)

Plastic box to hold everything $5

Total $6

What if you do not have toy spoons or a toy truck no one is using? Thrift store. I picked up a TON on small toys at the thrift store. A sandwich bag full was .45. But I should tell you, Bentobaby's favorite toy is the shaker. She loves it.

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