Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sand and Water table $60

We had to purchase Bentobaby's sand and water table new. I could not find any used ones. Since 'sensory' tables are far outside of our budget (but man they have some cool ones!) we went for a toy store's version. BentoBaby LOVES her table. She giggles and laughs while playing with it. When we walk past it she yells 'Splash!' trying to pull us over to it. And she can't use the extra features yet. She's too short to play with the toys that attach to the lid. Here is our sand and water table. Some brave souls keep their tables inside, I am not that soul. I did place it on our covered porch so Bentobaby can play even when its raining. The day hubby and I were heading to the store to purchase her table we received a coupon for $10 off a $75 purchase. Since I was planning to buy her a bunch of my favorite on the go fruit snack anyways we used the coupon to get our two koosh balls ($8) for her ball pit for free. Awesome!

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