Monday, October 11, 2010

My $2 wreath attempt

I saw this post on Centsible savings. I'm not very skilled in the crafts area. However this wreath looked so simple I figured I could do it. I didn't want brown coffee filters since our living room is brown. I bought the foam circle and white coffee filters from the dollar tree. The ribbon was leftover from another project, so free. I think its pretty cute but it came out totally different from the one on Centsible savings. I like her wreath better. I might try and re-do this, for a different room.

We had guests last night. I asked if they could tell it was made of coffee filters. My guest (who would tell me) said she could not tell. However once i asked her that, she could see them. :) i have plenty of coffee filters left so a second wreath would cost me $1 plus the cost of ribbon.

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