Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Variety ball pit for less then $45

This is Bentobaby's ball pit. The container sells for $14 at Walmart. It is designed to slide under a bed. Since the sides are low my toddler can climb into it and sit to play. When she caught her first glimpse of the ball pit Bentobaby laughed and yelled 'fun!' We purchased a big pack of regular plastic balls, designed for a ball pit. $9. This was my incentive for bentobaby. She loves plain plastic balls. (i used less then 1/4 of the big bag, this could be easily split with another family) At first we didn't have such a variety of balls in the pit, i've slowly added them. Mainly from the dollar store or the dollar section of bigger stores.
She has a soft squishy dog ball (with squeaker) $1, a 3 pack of water bombs $1, a loofa $1, a 3 pack of waffle balls $1, an orange squeezie ball $1, purple spikey ball $3, two Koosh balls $4 each $8 total, 3 pack tacky balls, $1. I gave her a shoe box $0, a halloween bowl $1, and a plastic box $1 for scooping and dumping. $28 in play supplies plus the $14 for the box. $42 total. Am I done adding things? Nope. I could be, Bentobaby loves her ball pit the way it is. But like to challenge her.

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