Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly date night

Hubby and I knew tonight was date night. Our plan was to play Mario Party on the wii. Its my favorite game. We used to play it regularly before we became parents. We haven't played it since. However last night we were both too worn out to do anything besides veg. That is so sad! Too tired to play a game? Sad! Now we had to come up with alternate plans, and fast.

I looked through the available stand up comedy titles from Netflix's instant queue. Hubby made us Mimosas using the $11 bottle of champagne from this post. In a matter of minutes we had an improvised date night together. Thankfully we had orange juice in the fridge. We never did find a new super funny comedian but we still had fun flipping through the different ones.

Netflix comedy shows $0
Champagne $11
Orange juice $0 already in fridge

Date night total $11

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