Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sensory toys on the cheap

My daughter has sensory processing disorder. A relatively mild form of it, thankfully. She does have tactile defensiveness. It took her forever to touch stuffed animals, and she rarely chooses to play with them. She is in a playgroup for kids with special needs. Its wonderful to have access to occupational therapists. However they only devote 15 minutes a week to sensory activities. 15 minutes. That will not do, its not nearly enough time. I had believed the playgroup would devote more time to sensory and was not working (specifically, sensory is everywhere though) on sensory activities with her. Its time for Mom to step up. There are many wonderful products designed for kids with SPD. I may even purchase some of them. Like our sand and water table that is now stationed on the porch. (allowing Bentobaby some playtime even when its raining) My goodness she loves that thing. But she also loves some of my homemade toys. I'm going to share my ideas with you. I'm not an occupational therapist, a teacher, or an expert. I'm just a mom, who wants my sweet daughter to learn and have fun without breaking the bank.


  1. Does she not qualify for early intervention? Have you had her evaluated? It might be called something different in your state, but its for kids 0-3, who need PT, OT, speech, behaviorists, or any combo of those!
    They will come to your house for one or two hours every week and work with you and Bentobaby.

  2. Hi FosterMama!

    Yes, bentobaby does recieve services. She goes to a playgroup for special needs children once a week. Its an hour and a half long, and only 15 minutes of that is devoted to sensory. Not nearly enough!

    The cool thing is sensory toys are fun. She and I spent an hour and a half playing with her sensory toys without realizing it.