Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have a lot of bento gear from selling on Ebay. The items moved easily but after Paypal's fees, and Ebay's fees I was not making any money. I think I will try listing it on my local Craigslist. In the mean time I made a bento starter kit for my friend.

I gave her a simple 3 tier box to start with. Its basic and easy to learn on. Two silicone containers to keep her food separated. One hard plastic container. A dip jar. Two sauce bottles. Five different food picks, and a small fork and spoon set. Super basic stuff to get started.

The fun thing about buying (or being given a gift) from a seller if you get a variety of stuff.
If she had bought these items she would have purchased 1 pack silicone cups, 1 pack hard cups, 1 pack dip jars, 2 packs of sauce bottles, 1 pack silverware, 2 packs of food picks. And she will be the only one making a bento. That a lot of stuff for one person. My way she gets a variety kit, instead of a bunch of the same item. Of course her set was a gift. Now i need to help her use it!

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