Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Bento Box

J and I went to borders in search of new bento gear. They had 3 boxes. I fell in love with this box, its SO cute! It doesn't say how large it is so I'll have to do a water test. I can feel a difference in quality from my Dasio boxes. I still like Dasio becuase they are so affordable. But this box is TOO CUTE!

View of the box closed.

When you removed the top lid, we see this cute lid.

Here's the whole box, plus the red belt it came with.

This box cost $8.99. There was a line of silverware, bowls, and stationary with it.

When I was checking out the cashier told me how quickly they had sold out before. Then she asked me a surprising question. 'This is SO cute. What do you put in here? Noodles?' I was a little stunned but i chuckled and told her no, bento is a fun and sometimes elaborate lunch. I told her to google 'Bento' and 'Lunch In a Box' the cashier seemed pretty excited so maybe we'll have a new bento fan.

I wish the weather was better! I really want to pack my new bento box, in my new lunch bag.

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