Tuesday, April 6, 2010

His and Her lunches.

I picked up a bottle of Spectrum Malay Asam Marinade and grill sauce. It was $1.50 for a bottle of organic marinade. I usually make my own marinade but I'm getting tired of the same old flavors and wanted to give it a shot. I loved it. Hubby was a little less enthusiastic because he doesn't love sweet flavors on his meat. The only issue i had was the meat started to caramelize on the outside before the middle was done. Next time I'll use a lid on the pan. I set aside a portion of the chicken for lunches the next day.

I had also made banana muffins that day. I used my mini muffin pan and a cake pan for the rest of the batter. Hubby loves banana muffin batter in a cake pan, he calls it banana cake. I used the mini muffin pan because it packs nicely in the smaller tier of a 3 tier bento box.

Using the two ingredients i wanted to include for both (muffin, and chicken) i came up with two different lunches. My bento has strawberries, hummus, carrots, and the marinated chicken. Bottom holds muffins, raisins, a oatmeal cookie split in half, and I used part of a granola bar to stabilize everything. Hubby didn't want any strawberries, this batch is a little tart for him.

J already had this bento at work. He didn't need a huge meal. I packed the chicken, cheese and grapes in the bottom section. The top section has two muffins, sunflower seeds, rasins, and almonds to stabilize the lunch.

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