Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let me show you our Bento supplies.

I'm re-organizing my bento gear. I'll show you how I organize everything in another post. For now I'll share my 'eye candy' for bento lovers. lol. I Actually have far fewer accessories then i would have thought. Some of these items barely see the light of day. Others are used almost every day.

Like the bento fork? I had completely forgot about that. Along with the wiener cutter.

This picture shows almost all of our bento boxes. I think J's blue two tier is the only one missing. 18 boxes for two people? A little excessive maybe, but i can assure you the number will go up before it goes down. There are so many different types, and designs of boxes that I can't resist. I have my eye on a sandwich box as a matter of fact. The $10 shipping is keeping me away so far.
But it won't forever. I comfort myself with the fact that my hobby is useful, if a little big of a splurge.

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