Saturday, April 17, 2010

New bento equipment! Imported!

I did a bad, bad thing. Okay so it wasn't bad, but it was extravagant. Now ya'll know I don't think special equipment is necessary to bento. I love it, but you can totally do without it. I desperately want a special bento box made to hold sandwiches, but so far am baulking at the price. I was hoping my newest purchase would work for sandwiches. Since i was already importing items from Japan (how cool is that my first imported box of stuff!) I figured I'd buy some items I couldn't find locally.

I was so excited to see this awesome box on my door step when I came home! Look at all those stickers!

Open it up to see:

And finally, everything I bought.

The panda box is made specifically to hold Onigiri, and did not work for sandwiches. Guess I'll be making more onigiri! I've been trying to find nori face punches for months! I'm so excited to have these! And the shape cutters that are super common for bentos. The other item I've been looking for is the picks on the right. You can make balloons, flowers, umbrellas, so cute! The seller included the picks on the left. They are very useful picks, and also super cute! I'm SO happy with my order!

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