Friday, April 9, 2010

My first Dasio purchase, what we use and what we do not use.

I went to Dasio for the first time in August of 2009. About 8 months ago. Dasio is an inexpensive store that has a good selection of bento items. When I first started making Bentos I was so excited and sure I'd need every bento tool available. That wasn't the case. I thought I'd review my first Dasio purchase to tell you what was a great buy, and what should have been a pass.

Upper left hand corner blue 3 tier box. Hubby uses this one pretty frequently, its plain so its a nice box for a man box. Below we have 2 egg molds. I use this infrequently but I still consider them a good buy. Next to those is a green side car. We used this box a lot but seem to have lost it. Below we have 2 onigiri makers. I hardly ever use these because J likes the one that makes small cubes. The jungle picks are below. These are fairly long picks and come in handy. Top row is a 2 tier pink box that snapped closed on the sides. It was cute and I liked it but eventually the lid broke. Next is a pink 3 tier box I hardly ever use, I'm not really a pink person. Below that is the blue one tier box I love but have not used recently. Still a good purchase. Now the cups I use almost every time i bento. Those things were an excellent buy! Next to those is the chopstick case for my dragonfly bento. I never use this, I prefer the small chopsticks that sit in the bento. Below that is small plastic sauce bottles. We use these occasionally but both J and I prefer the bigger ones we've acquired since.

Out of all of that just a few things are being frequently used today.

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