Saturday, April 10, 2010

Picnic bento

I had my heart set on a picnic after this post. When we were blessed with a rare day without rain I asked dh to picnic with me. It was pretty nice weather at our house so he agreed.

Our picnic all packed up, and ready to go! I had my favorite Salmon wrap. Hubby had a turkey cheddar wrap. There was a lot of room left in the bottom of the tiffin still. I tucked baby carrots around the wrap halves to help stabilize them. There is also a bear cup full of ranch.

Top tier had oatmeal cookies, raisins and these creamy chocolate strawberry Japanese candies.

Unfortunately while it was nice at our home a few miles away it was windy and freezing. We ate maybe half the lunch before leaving. I was cracking up. Poor hubby gets dragged to a picnic in 50 degree windy weather. I keep his life interesting! :)

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