Monday, April 5, 2010

Smoked Salmon bento.

I splurged on some smoked salmon. $5 for 8 ounces is pretty pricey in my personal book but a decent price for smoked salmon. Its a splurge because I'm the only one who will eat it. I have some salmon wraps planned for it. Yum! In the mean time I added some to my lunch to eat with cheese and crackers.

Extra sharp cheddar cheese, (I'm lactose intolerant and this cheese does not upset my system) Wheat thins, (stocked up when on a good sale) salmon, strawberries, carrots, and a ranch cup.

I ate this bento right after I made it. If I was making it a head of time I'd have to use a different box. The Salmon has a strong smell I wouldn't want to flavor the other items.

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