Saturday, May 19, 2012

Be creative

Continuing the starting a cloth diaper stash on a budget series

When money is really tight its time to think outside of the box. Prefolds make cheap diapers but I can't find good ones locally. I tried pinning a Gerber prefold on baby E. It wouldn't fit. What can you find to use right now? I've heard that Target's tea towels make great flat diapers. The tea towels cost $4 for 4. A very affordable option. They can be used as flat diapers with an insert or another tea towel folded inside as an absorbent pad. Or folded and stuffed into a pocket diaper as an insert. Tea towels are not water proof. I would use a cover over the top. Covers are nice because if they are peed on but not pooped on they can be wiped out and reused. I like the options the tea towels give me for a low price.

One of my favorite doublers is an old towel i cut into insert sized strips. If my sewing machine wasn't broken I would hem them. However I'm not able to and they still work fine, even if the inserts are stringy. Old towels are cheap (this was free, we already had it) and dry quickly. Another insert i use as a doubler (under the main insert. Most of mine are microfiber) is a wash cloth. They are already hemmed. I don't find them to be as absorbent as an piece of old towel but they work fine as a doubler. It wont be a long term solution  eventually they will unravel too much to be used. But the towel pieces work really well in a pinch!

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