Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cloth diaper laundry on a budget

Continuing our cloth diapering on a budget series:

I wash diapers everyday. With 3 kids in cloth we go through a lot of diapers. We have two big wetbags for dirty diapers. If its mid day and the wetbag is already full then i wash twice a day.

There are many different  kinds of diaper detergent. While I like that diaper detergent is diaper friendly I don't want to have to order special detergent. Or spend $15 on detergent. One of the detergents says it does 45 or 90 loads for $14. At 45 loads that is a cost of .32 cents a load.  90 loads would equal a cost of .15 cents a load. I'm using arm and hammer sensitive skin, free of dyes and perfumes. Its on sale at Walgreens this week for $3. The bottles says it does 32 loads. That is a cost of .09 a load. Its actually less then that since I use less on diapers then on a normal load of laundry. This works great for my family. Hubby has sensitive skin and this detergent doesn't both him. I don't have to keep a special detergent on hand, and if I run out its a quick pick up.

Currently my diapers are stink free. They absorb great and do not bother my kid's skin. If we start having smells, rashes, or absorbing problems then perhaps we will switch detergents. After stripping the diapers. But why start out with the expensive option if the cheaper choice will work fine? I've bought 2 bottles this week and will probably buy another 2 bottles to keep upstairs.

I hang all my diapers and inserts to dry. Unfortunately we live in a VERY rainy area and most of the time I have to hang inside. (but i do relish those beautiful hot days when the diapers can hang outside) Our small hanging drying rack can't hold the 12-16 diapers the kids use everyday.Once the drying rack is full its time to get creative again! I use pants hangers to hold inserts, Some of the diapers hang over the shower curtain rod, and some over the towel hangers in the bathroom. Pocket diapers dry quickly enough to be used the next day. Our inserts, all in ones, and prefolds have to take a short tumble in the dryer. Usually 20 minutes on low is enough to finish drying them.

Thankfully our electric and water rates are very reasonable, The extra washing and short dry times add very little to our budget.

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