Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Building a cloth diaper stash frugally

With 3 little kids in diapers hubby and I can no longer justify using disposables. We have a weird washer set up that makes using cloth diapers a little unappealing but we have figured out a way to work with that. We figure disposable diapers  costs us $150-$200 a month. If we use $150 a month times 12 months that is $1800 a year. I can think of a billion other things I would like to spend $1800 on besides little girl pee. Here is how i started building my stash:

My oldest child is Diva. She's 3 and almost 40 pounds. I already had 4 large fuzzibun diaper for her. I spent $40 on 6 used all in one diapers. Nana's bums. That gives her a total of 10 diapers which is plenty. She's somewhat potty trained most days.

My two babies are fairly close in size with baby E being the biggest. I had 3 one size fuzzibun diapers that didn't fit diva. They work perfectly for the babies. I spent $20 on 5 used pocket diapers. These aren't the best quality, but if i use a doubler they work fine. I spent $74 on new Kawaii diapers. Most people say that even though the diapers are inexpensive they work great. I figured with the price being $74 for 8 diapers, i could give it a try.

I also spent about $46 on two yards of PUL, a snap press, and snaps. My mom is going to sew some pocket diapers for me. She's using fabric she already has for the liner but there will be an additional cost for the elastic and inserts.

We've spent a total of $134 for 19 diapers so far. (i'm not counting the fuzzibuns. While we already had them, we did spend money on them last year) That averages out to about $7 a diaper. My mom says 2 yards of PUL will give us a ton of diapers too. Of course we're not close to having enough. Diva can go a full day (we use 'sposies at night) in cloth but the babies can't yet. Since I line dry (and it takes forever in wet washington) we'll need quite a few more diapers. Of course i'll be getting them us cheaply as possible!

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