Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tell people that your family is now cloth diapering

Continuing our cloth diapering on a budget series:

Be sure to let people know your family is cloth diapering. You don't have to tell them you choose cloth for financial reasons if it embarrasses you. (i tell everyone, I'm not embarrassed! Who really wants to spend $150-$200 a month on diapers?) Someone you know may have extra diapers they are not using. Maybe their kids outgrew them years ago but they saved them just in case. Perhaps you'll jog their memory and they will give them to you for a deal or free!

This happened to me. One of my friends gave me 6 really nice diapers! I wouldn't have thought she had any diapers left, I posted on facebook a picture of our Kawaii order and she offered them to me. I LOVE these diapers.

3 Dry bees diapers (I love these, add an hemp insert to the all in one and it handles baby E's nap fine)
2 Rumparooz diapers (perfect for tiny baby J's massive poops)
1 thirsties fitted and cover (i love how soft the fitted feels)

The 6 diapers are some of my favorites, i use them everyday. I'm so grateful to my friend for giving them to us!

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