Thursday, May 31, 2012

Continuing our cloth diapering on a budget series:

Used diapers. Do you find that gross? I did at first. But i buy used clothes for my kids. Ever have a baby blow out all over their clothes? How is that different then a used diaper? I'm not going into used diapers just now, I'm pepping you for a future topic. Food for thought if you will. :)

If used diapers are beyond you right now make sure to sign up for the daily deal sites. Zulily has diapers occasionally. Right now they have a pocket diaper called Royal fluff on special till June 3rd. Diapers that normally cost between $23-$25 are on sale for $8.99-$9.99. They also have $11.99 wet bags. If your willing to buy used, you can spend less. But if you want new diapers, this is a good price. I've never tried Royal fluff, and I have tons of pocket diapers already. I won't scoop up this deal. But i wanted to pass it on for any one who needs new diapers.

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