Sunday, May 20, 2012

Continuing our cloth diapering on a budget series:

Cotton babies is currently having a sweet sale. They are selling their flips covers ( $13.95 each)  buy 2 get 1 free. That is 3 diapers for $27.90 (under my $10 a diaper price) On top of that deal TODAY ONLY they are offering a free bum genius 4.0 one size diaper ($17 value!) with a purchase over $39! Use coupon code MOMWK at checkout. I'm trying not to buy more diapers, Really I am. I bought some used diapers for over nights and they will need covers. . .

I bought:
 3 flips for $27.90
 1 Thirsty diaper cover $11.25
1 bum genius $0

Which put me right over the $39.

5 new diapers for a little over $40 is about $8  diaper. Right in my target range! And i get to try a bum genius. Really excited about that. A lot of people seem to like them.

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