Friday, May 25, 2012

Flats challenge

There is a really cool diaper challenge going on right now. Its a challenge to use flat diapers without a washer or dryer. I love it! But I'm not participating.

1. I didn't know about the challenge till after it had started.
2. With 3 kids in cloth I'm not willing to hand wash.
3. We have only 4 'flat' diapers. Aka tea towels.

I have to admit the challenge made me curious about flats. I've used them twice on my girls now for about an hour and a half each time. I folded the flats in their flips covers as inserts. My girls didn't leak through but I wouldn't trust them for much longer. The second time I added some inserts from Bum Genius on top of the flats. The bum genius inserts have a stay dry layer. I don't want my girls to feel wet, the fleece on the bum genius wicks the moisture away from them.

The flats were dry by the morning which is a huge plus in our wet climate. Since the flips are also dry in the am I feel like they are a good combonation. I'm going to keep playing with them. Who knows, we may add more flats to our stash. :)

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