Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buy diapers without spending money out of pocket

Continuing the starting a cloth diaper stash on a budget series

How can you get diapers without spending money out of pocket? Trade! Find something you don't want and already have and trade it for something you do want.

I'm really into baby carriers. Good quality baby carriers, my favorites are woven baby wraps. Or mei tais, and ring slings made out of woven wraps. The first decent carrier hubby and i bought was an Ergo. Ergo is a good quality carrier but neither hubby nor I could get a comfortable carry with the Ergo. After new carriers arrived we never used it. I listed it on craigslist for $75 (which is what we paid) and that i would be open to trading for cloth diapers.

Man people on craigslist can be crazy. They wanted me to drop the price when its already a fabulous deal. They wanted me to drive several hours out, and still drop the price. Uh no, sorry dear. Finally one sane woman offered to trade me diapers (yay!) plus cash for the Ergo. I love this situation. We were able to get rid of something we no longer used, and gain something we both wanted!

My Ergo was listed for $75. The woman offered me two Baby Kicks diaper originally $20 each with a trade value of $10 each, and $50 cash. Hubby and i agreed the $50 would go to diapers. It worked out perfectly for both of us! And i saw the lady walk around the corner and put her daughter on her back! I love baby wearing!!  

Another example would be to consign some clothes you don't want, for credit to buy diapers at the consignment store. Or hold a garage sale and spend the money on diapers.  Cloth diapers save so much money over disposables but they are expensive to start out, try to be creative  to come up with the money. I have a ring sling and new with tags shirt still listed on craigslist. If they sell, the money will go to diapers too.

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