Friday, May 25, 2012

Diaper sale

Fuzzi buns are on sale for buy 1 get 1 free at ButterCup Baby. Very good sale for new diapers. Fuzzi buns are good diapers, we have a few and like them. The large ones fit 3 year old Diva very well.  Plus the fuzzi buns ship free at Buttercup baby. For $80 you can buy 8 new good quality diapers. That is about a day's worth of diapers for my older babies. (each) I like pocket diapers in wet climates they dry quickly even when hung up inside. I like covers and flats for the same reason but i'm working on adding a stay dry layer to those. Dh doesn't like covers and flats he'll always grab a pocket diaper first.

I will not be scooping up this deal. We have plenty of pocket diapers for the babies and the budget is a little too tight to add anymore for Diva. ;) But I hope someone benefits from this awesome sale!

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